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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Attempt at Dismissal Denied

mental health coverage denied by a health insurer

The Law Offices of Sean K. Collins is pleased with a ruling that denied Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit claiming Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts wrongly denied claims for mental health treatment.  We look forward to litigating this matter on behalf of our clients and all similarly situated insureds.  If you, or someone you know, has had a residential treatment claim for mental health coverage denied by a health insurer, please contact the Law Offices of Sean K. Collins. Attorney Sean K. Collins has over a decade of experience fighting health,...

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LTC Insurance Claim Denials for Stays at Assisted Living Facilities

boston long term care insurance attorney

Americans are living longer than ever, and as a result of that the cost of long term senior health care has increased tremendously. Millions of people purchased long term care insurance policies over the past several decades believing that their health needs would be taken care of when they’re older. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for many policyholders when their long term care insurance claims are denied for coverage of assisted living facilities.  Assisted living facilities typically meet the long term care needs of an elderly population through the provision of housing, personal care services, meals, nursing, monitoring and health...

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Why is Standardization for Long Term Care Policies Needed?

Standardization among Long Term Care Insurance policies is needed as many complications have arisen due to inconsistent policy language amongst carriers. It was, and still is, very difficult for a consumer to compare policies between carriers when variations in coverage language do not allow for a true apples to apples comparison. In the 1980’s / 1990’s when many insureds first purchased Long Term Care Insurance Policies, there was very little standardization in policy terms. For example, some long term care insurance policies clearly cover assisted living facilities while others have coverage that is less clear. Insurers often take advantage of this...

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Long Term Care Insurance Reminder

An important reminder for holders of long term care insurance policies:  Make copies of all original long term care insurance policies, applications and marketing materials. Store and keep these policies and materials in a safe place.   The experienced insurance attorneys at the Law Offices of Sean K. Collins, were shocked to learn that various state departments of insurance have destroyed the original policy form filings - leaving only the insurance company to maintain copies of the original policy forms. With modern scanning capabilities, it is inconceivable that a department of insurance would not maintain copies of long term care insurance policy forms...

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