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LTC Insurance Claim Denials for Stays at Assisted Living Facilities

LTC Insurance Claim Denials for Stays at Assisted Living Facilities

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Americans are living longer than ever, and as a result of that the cost of long term senior health care has increased tremendously. Millions of people purchased long term care insurance policies over the past several decades believing that their health needs would be taken care of when they’re older. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for many policyholders when their long term care insurance claims are denied for coverage of assisted living facilities. 

Assisted living facilities typically meet the long term care needs of an elderly population through the provision of housing, personal care services, meals, nursing, monitoring and health care for those who need support with completing day-to-day activities. The location of an assisted living facility and the amount of services required all impact monthly fees. According to the National Center for Assisted Living, the national median monthly rates for assisted living are $4,000, but many facilities are far more expensive, charging in excess of $8,000 per month. 

Long Term Care Insurance companies deny claims for many reasons, which places policyholders in difficult situations especially when faced with insurance premium increases coupled with mounting assisted living facility bills that are left uncovered. Expert consultation is highly recommended when filing a claim and appealing a denial. Hire an experienced advocate to fight for your claim. 

If you or someone you care for is in need of assistance with filing a claim, appealing a claim denial, or pursuing litigation against your long term care insurance company, please contact the Law Offices of Sean K. Collins to speak with an experienced attorney today. We provide initial consultations free of charge. Please call: 855-693-9256.