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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care insurance claims can be a sensitive and difficult process to navigate. Long Term Care claim denials can be a heartbreaking scenario, especially after years of paying increasing premiums. Often leaving the elderly insured with no benefits to pay for their home health care, assisted living facility stay, or skilled nursing home stay. A claim should never be filed without first consulting a lawyer experienced in this particular area of law. It is vital to understand a policy’s fine print before a claim is submitted. As a way to avoid paying valid claims, carriers will incorrectly argue that coverage is much narrower than it actually is.
Having an experienced Long Term Care insurance attorney to intervene on your behalf can make the difference needed to resolve claim disputes with the carrier. The Law Offices of Sean K. Collins has recovered millions of dollars from Long Term Care insurance companies on behalf of our clients. If you or a loved one has had their Long Term Care insurance claim denied or delayed, or you are in need of assistance with the filing of a claim, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance

When a loved one dies, your world is thrown upside down. Life insurance and accidental death insurance should be there for you to help with the mounting bills and financial challenges that arise in the aftermath. Too often insurance companies deny legitimate life insurance and accidental death insurance claims, or pay a benefit far lower than what is actually owed. Other insurers claim the policy lapsed prior to the insured’s death, or that the death itself was not accidental. Do not accept an insurance company’s explanation without first consulting an attorney. The Law Offices of Sean K. Collins can audit claims to make sure an insurer has paid your family everything it is owed. We challenge an insurer’s decision that a policy lapsed prior to the insured’s death, and we can fight an insurer’s attempt to claim an accidental death was not in fact an accident. If you have an issue with a life insurer or accidental death insurer, please call us.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is critical to a family’s financial survival when a serious accident or illness strikes. In efforts to save money on claims, health insurers often target mental health treatment claims. Most mental health treatment claims consist of those facing long term residential treatment stays. Health insurers also resist coverage of new and revolutionary treatments or surgical procedures, claiming that the results are unproven and the treatments are experimental. If a health insurer is denying or limiting your claims, we want to hear from you.

Class Actions

The primary relationship between an insurance company and a consumer, is governed by an insurance contract. When an insurance company tries to limit its exposure to certain categories of claims under this contract, more than one insured is impacted by these across the board decisions from the insurance company. Whether it’s a long term care insurance company denying coverage for all assisted living facilities, a health insurer denying mental health residential treatment for teenagers at sub-acute residential treatment centers, or an insurer applying a simple inflation protection formula to your benefits when a compound formula should be applied. This is because generally large groups of insureds have insurance contracts with identical terms. The Law Offices of Sean K. Collins specializes in complex consumer class actions involving insurance. If an insurer is engaged in conduct that would appear to impact not just you, but other insureds in a similar manner, please contact us today.

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